On Thursday, my colleague Kevin Drum made the case that the antipathy many millennials feel toward Hillary Clinton may be a result of her inability to deliver a clear and straightforward statement of her positions on major policy areas. Whereas Bernie Sanders offers unequivocal yes-or-no answers in interviews and debates, Clinton often launches into meandering responses that give the impression—rightfully or not—that she is either hedging or being dishonest.

On one issue in particular, the difference between Sanders’ unmistakable stance and Clinton’s qualified one is becoming increasingly apparent—and it’s an issue that’s as close to a litmus test for Democratic voters as any: abortion.

During a Fox News town hall on Monday night, Clinton and Sanders were asked about their position on late-term abortions. Sanders’ stance was easy to discern: He opposes abortion restrictions, full stop. Clinton’s answer was murkier. She began her response to moderator Bret Baier with a broad defense of a woman’s right to an abortion, mentioning the current Supreme Court case involving Texas’ anti-abortion regulations and the continued Republican attacks on Planned Parenthood. But Baier persisted on the matter of late-term abortions, asking, “Just to be clear, there’s no—without any exceptions?”

Clinton replied, “No—I have been on record in favor of a late-pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother.”

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