According to a new poll, Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America. The Harvard-Harris survey, published first in The Hill, found almost 60% of Americans view the Vermont senator favorably.

Among certain demographics, the progressive politician’s ratings are even higher: 80% of Democratic voters, 73% of registered black voters, and 68% of registered Hispanic voters view Sanders favorably.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren also scored positively, with 38% approving of the liberal icon and only 32% disapproving.

This isn’t a marked change from prior polling. In late 2016, Sanders was also viewed as the lawmaker with the highest favorability ratings, earning  approval from more than 50% of the electorate. 

The least popular political figure in America? Look to the White House, but not the Oval—though Donald Trump is seven points underwater, 44/51. His beleaguered chief strategist Steve Bannon came in dead last in the survey. Only 16% give the former Breitbart publisher a thumbs up, while a full 45% offer the opposite.

“In losing to Hillary [Clinton], Bernie Sanders has floated above today’s partisan politics while Bannon has, rightly or wrongly, taken the blame for the administration’s failures,” poll co-director Mark Penn from Harvard-Harris told The Hill. “Sanders is an asset to the Democrats while Bannon is a liability to the administration.” 

Read the full findings of the poll here.

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